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The following site provides excellent instruction for the cellist.  I hope you will find this helpful.


The cello professor site also has good video demos and information.

Cello Technique and Pedagogy

Before buying or renting a cello, please read the following information:

Most Luthiers have generous trade up policies.

Ask your luthier about their policy.

 Tradeback Policy | Forms & Policies (Robert Cauer)

Linda West on choosing a beginners cello: 

Blog - Linda West Cellos: How to Select a Cello for a Beginner

FYI Here is a video showing a basic set up process on a factory cello:


The best place for a starter cello, locally is:

Paul's Violin


1761 W Houston Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

(714) 449-1725

Brown J Violin Maker


232 1/2 N Indian Hill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 624-0849

Great luthiers, but farther away:

Robert Cauer Violins

2242 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90068

Phone: (323) 460-6815    -    Call for appointment

Metzler Violin Shop


604 S Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91204

(818) 246-0278

Linda West Cellos


123 W Padre St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 ·

(805) 965-4410

Linda West has a useful website with information on cellos.  She is a great luthier.

Things to know before you buy or rent a cello:

A properly set up student instrument will make playing the cello easier.  In a group class or in a private lesson, the teacher will be able to spend more time teaching and less time dealing with cellos that have slipping sound posts, pegs, bridges and breaking strings.

Rent or buy your student cello from a violin shop (luthier) (this is not a music store).

A luthier will set up the cello properly, so it is easy to play and to keep in tune.  Everything will work on the cello.  If there is a problem, you have a professional luthier to take care of the cello.

The luthier will also sell or rent you the appropriate sized cello for your student.

Most entry level Instruments from music stores are not set up properly, are difficult to tune, and will need to have the fine tuners replaced within weeks.  These substandard instruments will frustrate the student as well as the teacher.

Do not buy cheap instruments from eBay, Craig’s list,etc.  These instrument are the bad purchase choices of others, who found out it would cost about $600 for luthier upgrades to make these cellos playable. And the instrument is still not worth $600.


If you choose to deal online, Linda West Cellos is an excellent website.  Linda is a great luthier and will deal with you honestly.  I drive to Santa Barbara to have my fine cellos serviced.

It’s better to start with a good standard student cello that can be resold when your student moves up, or if they lose interest.  Cellos can be rented from luthiers.  Until your student decides if they like playing the cello, renting is a good idea.  Do not buy or rent from music stores.

Please Call me if you have questions.  I am happy to work with you.

Thank You, Ms. Cynthia